It isn't about waiting out the storm it's learning to dance in the rain!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knot Fun!!

How can 3 weeks be so filled with craziness? I feel like I'm ages behind... We have been working on the house - getting central air, measuring for carpet. At the cabin I have only painted our room but Casey and the boys are hard at work. Campaigning- yes it has begun and lots of meetings with that. Work, and playing hard too. One thing we were super excited about was seeing our Trek kids again. It makes me think of the song- Each life that touches us for good. It is hard to think that 2 days with them could leave such an imprint on my heart and soul. But i was so excited to see them and felt like the night ended to soon and like I hardly got to see them at all. Here are some pics of our 'ho-down'. As always, the knot family was anxious cause we were ahead of everyone else. ahh - the lessons of life...

Our Family Motto- we had so much fun!

Pre-K and Zoo time

Jordan finally started pre-school. 2x a week for 3 hrs. He was gung-ho for a while and then has recently started to tell me he isn't going. He loved getting his backpack and going the first day. It was really sad to leave him there and then when i got home I put lexi down for a nap and had loads of time to clean. It's amazing how much you can get done in uninterrupted time.

As you can tell Jordan's backpack was a little big... we did end up getting him a smaller one that fits lots better.

On off days we get to go to the library and the zoo and just have fun. This year we again decided to renew our zoo pass and go up there to see all the cute babies. My kids love the zoo! We got to see the baby elephant- Zuri, along with the meerkats, crocodile, and amur tigers. so cute!!

You can go to to see a list of all the babies they have had this year.
And of course you can't go to the zoo without a treat... My kids are big fans of ice cream:)They get that from their great grandfather Ivan..

Family of 4 in 2009

Can someone please tell me how a family of 4 in 2009 in a house of 4 bedrooms (soon to be 5- bedrooms not members of family) all end up in the same bed? A queen mind you, it used to be big enough for 2 and now even with our small children, I have to wonder why i wake up so tired. Casey has moved to the couch many nights since sleeping with 2 whirlwinds isn't restful. I finally woke up one morning and just let them sleep in, I shoved them next to each other so they would keep themselves warm.

They are so cute when they are sleeping.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

G'ma Violas clothes

My great grandmother had sewn me a couple of outfits and Lexi finally fits into them - so I took some pics of my little drama queen in them and she looks so sweet I had to share...

This is not one of my grandmothers outfits but my lil climber got up on the table and I thought it was so cute I had to take a picture before I got her down:(

Swimming with Pirates and Wrastling Tractors

No - not at the same time. We have had a lot of fun with family members this summer and Jordan, the little fish that he is loved this rec center in Bountiful by my brothers house.

We then went to Logan later in the month and went to the fair with my parents. We got to see huge tractors and sit on them. Of course only Jordan would learn how to turn on the lights in the seconds he was up there. They spoiled that child rotten and he loved every minute of it. Lexi is not ignored but still a lil too young for that kind of fun. She does love the carousel and went with granpa.

Pioneer Children sang as they walked

Casey and I were called as support staff in our stake trek and then 2 days before trekking it - we got called as Ma n Pa. And we had a blast! It was the best thing in the world... we had 9 kids with 2 uncles. I couldn't have asked for a better spiritual experience at that particular time. To bad we forget entirely too easily. The womans pull did it for me! I never realized how much my wonderful husband does for me and how sheltered I am. It really opened my eyes at first to what women do but in the last week I think it really has made me more appreciative of Casey. It is made me aware of how grateful I am to be born in this dispensation and KNOT pulling a handcart or bearing children in the snow .

We were the KNOTS, hence a lot of KNOT jokes by Uncle Ashby and new names for us all I was Ima, Casey- Ura, were, had, did, can etc- you get the picture. We had so much funny and enjoyed the kids we were assigned to. It was amazing to see such spirits in such young people.

Our famiy mission was Doubt Knot, Fear Knot... yeah I think we drove other families crazy but we had fun.

Heaven forbid we forget Jordan's 3rd birthday. He never lets us forget he is 3 now and going to preschool. He is so excited... here are some pics of when we went to the zoo for Zoo Booster night and his family bday party. Check out the cake - we have a transformer kid on our hands...

Notice the yellow shirt- BUMBLEBEE - he has this shirt and an autobot shirt he loves to wear all the time

Do or Do Not There is no Try

I am sure i messed that quote up but Casey isn't here to help me quote Yoda properly. I sure am glad there is a 'try' in my world or I wouldn't get much done. As a mother of 2 this summer sure has past faster than a camel spitting in your eye (I don't know what to compare it to). We have had a lot of fun this summer and we have been busy too. I am sure you all understand- all of you were probably busy doing things with family, traveling, or just enjoying.
I am trying to update you with the last 3 months so hang in there!

Just silliness happens a lot at our house (along with procrastination -mostly me, hence no blog for 3 months).. But here are pics of Lex playing on the computer even though she knows she isn't allowed. And Jord insisting on getting in his Halloween Costume from 2 years ago and riding his bike.

Notice Jordan has grown in the last couple of years and there was no flood at our house!

We also had visitors. Melinda lived with Casey's parents while she had an internship here in interior design and so we saw her more. We also had Nancy and Jessica come stay with us a couple days and we had lots of fun. Ikea, food, more food.....

How could I forget the 4th of July and Fireworks.... Here are some from then

I turned 29 in July and had a great date night with my wonderful husband - dinner at Thaifoon and Transformers 2. I don't think I can remember being away from my children for that long without leaving them overnight somewhere. We, of course, ended up talking about the kids.

We also went on our annual pineview trip and although we didn't camp we had lots of water fun.