It isn't about waiting out the storm it's learning to dance in the rain!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have decided in order to make my family the first priority- I don't post as much - well that is what I have told myself anyway. We have been having lots of fun and have been busy working on the house still! But we have also been enjoying our children and their crazy personalities that manifest themselves everyday!

I do have to say I am grateful for family, friends and my Savior - Jesus Christ.

I'm not going to do much writing just have a lot of pics-sooo enjoy.

Drinking and Driving Never a good idea!!

Jordan thought of this all by himself - he got his hard hat to help dad and Steve take down some trees.

Dad and Steve working on the fence- we can't wait till its done - and I bet Casey feels the same way!!

I said goodbye to my sister. She moved to North Dakota and I miss her a lot!

Jordan said goodbye to Karson, his cousin. Thank heavens for the phone.

My Brother, James, graduated with his Masters from USU and we are so proud of him.

Lexi's 1st birthday cake- she just picked the candy off.

At G'ma Susans b-day party, she shared the limelight with Lexi and everyone had a great time.

Lexi at G'ma Susans. The funny part was she totally faceplanted after this picture was taken. I also pierced her ears for her 1st B-day. She is adorable.

We took the family to Chuck E Cheese for Lexi's birthday and they loved it! Jordan more so than Lex but we had a great time.

Finally Lexi dug into her leftover cake and made a real mess.

Chef Jordan helped his mom whip up some swedish pancakes. He loves his apron.

Little Lexi grabbed JOrd's food off the table and started eating it on the floor. The only dog we will ever have.

Where's Lexi? I think it was ice cream and she was licking the bowl, she liked it so much!

Jordan - underwear goes on the other end!

Jordan and his friend Tait eating ice cream.

Kora and Lexi's joint B-day Bash. 2 cute girls- we had fun.

Lexi and her 1st ice cream- what a mess!! But she loved it, she cried when it was gone.

We went to see Nana and Deedee- we laid flowers on their headstones to let them know we remember and honor them.

Lexi, now one, is in the 2% group- so we have been trying to give her lots of food and a pediasure everyday. That always proves interesting but she happy and healthy -just a little small. She finally started walking (a lot) on May 23rd. She says Dad, Mom, and Ba (bottle) and we thought we heard yellow the other day. She loves her flip flops and gives big wet kisses.

Jordan is potty trained (yeah:) and loves being a strong big boy. Loves his mommy, daddy, and sister but is not afraid to tell us if something upsets him. Has to talk on the phone to everyone and is constantly asking why. He is a curious child and is so smart it is scary sometimes.

Casey is doing a good job on our fence- it is looking great. Work inside has been put on hold with the glorious weather and a trip to Washington D.C.

I got called as the Primary President so Sunday mornings are interesting. I have good counselors and great teachers. It's a good thing I like working with kids too bad i really don't care for scouts :(