It isn't about waiting out the storm it's learning to dance in the rain!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Wild Week of Fun!

So we finally made it to Cali for our family vacation..

We arrived Saturday, January 16, in San Diego and it was sunny. Jord got outside of the airport and asked if we were in a jungle (if any of you have seen Jungle Junction it has lots of palm trees). The plane ride there was great - Jordan took a nap the whole time and Lexi played with her mommy- it was fabulous! Shuttle to the rental place and getting the car took quite a bit of time and kids started getting restless but they did great getting to Pops' house and then going straight to dinner. They did so amazing - and Miguel's was amazing.

Stake Conference and Beach on Sunday. Stake Conference was televised and i did get to here a little bit of it mainly on keeping your priorities straight. Beach - lesson learned - don't go on Sundays! Both kids ended up wet and mad but hey we saw this awesome sand castle...

Monday morning we ended up at The Wild Animal Park- we had fun, it sprinkled on and off that day and we left just as it starting pouring!

Tuesday through Thursday we went to Disneyland and i am really trying to look on the bright side cuz the weather stunk! But we got to ride almost all the rides we wanted! There were hardly any lines. We took lots of pictures and had loads of laundry because we kept making trips back to the hotel to change because we were soaked!! Here are a ton of pics... Mitchell and Jessica are my cousins and they came with us on the first day- they are natives and had never had rain like that in Disneyland before!

On Thursday we actually went to California Adventure as well because it was raining and i wanted to make sure the kids saw Playhouse Disney Live and a few other things. Here are more pics - hopefully you can scan through them quickly but I know there are a few of you that wanted to see them...

Friday we drove up to LA to Universal Studios, I personally have never been there and therefore didn't know what to expect. It is for a little bit older age group but we saw lots of characters Jordan and Lexi liked and got free hot chocolate...

On Saturday - the sun finally decided to come out and we went to Sea World. The kids had fun and Jord would have been content to play at the play area but we did drag him to a couple of shows and over all i think they really liked it except when a seagull stole Lexi's granola bar and bit her fingers and she started bleeding. I did not get a pic of that because i was freaking out that it had hit my head before biting her.

I'll make comments on the pics later- here they are just to look and laugh:)