It isn't about waiting out the storm it's learning to dance in the rain!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Farming N' Things

I often wonder why I am so tired... After downloading the pics for this post. I now know. Instead of telling you I will merely show you...
We went up to Logan to visit family and to see the cute lil baby animals at American West Heritage Center. We arrived a day before it was open to the public so we went and had a picnic with James, Karen and Kora, and saw the animals at Willow Zoo. The next day we went to the animal farm. We had a blast! Karen and Kora went with us and they were so patient when Jordan wanted to stop and hold every animal or when he ran away from me to go do something he wanted to do! While we were there we also went to lunch with some of my friends- Rich and Bonnie treated us to McDonalds and they were great with the kids.. so Thank you!!

Then Saturday, April 11th we decided to take the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt. Ok, really just Jordan and Lexi observed. It wasn't so much a hunt as a race and an adventure as South Salt Lake just puts the eggs and candy on the grass and the parents put out arms to hold back anybody else from getting candy in that vicinity. I then went to lunch with my nursing school friends and we had a blast! Later that evening Boom-papa (G'pa Fitts) invited us over to dye eggs - Jordan had a blast, just drinking the vinegar water (gross!). He made some great creative eggs and we took some home.

Sunday morning - We had Jordan find the eggs and then, Lexi and Jordan had their baskets and we put them in their cute new easter clothes.

On top of all that Jordan keeps seeing this commercial where the mom makes rice krispie eggs with her girls and then dips it in chocolate and then in sprinkles. He keeps telling me he wants to make them so finally today we did it. He did tell me when he does stuff with dad its fun and when he does stuff with me "you get angry". I didn't mean to put he was driving me nuts trying to help. aaaahhh! big sigh- I need to learn to let go....
The one with chocolate dripping down his face was when we were done with the eggs and he saw that there was chocolate left over and thought it was for him, umm yeah.

And of course random moments of craziness, silliness, exhaustion, or just a sucker time...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bring on the warm weather!!

Well I am improving - It hasn't been a month. We have done a lot and my only excuse is that my computer (laptop) isn't upstairs anymore so I can't actually update with the kids awake.

The last Saturday in March Kristin and I got together and took the kids to the zoo. Our kids love the zoo, it is a really good thing we have a pass or we would be broke with how often Jordan wants to go. It is really different with two 2 yr olds though. Man! I almost needed a nap afterwards. Lizzy and Jordan sat in the wagon and Lexi was so good in the stroller. We did train rides and carousel and the playground. As always it was good to go to the zoo but better to be with friends.

As always we are still working on our house (to be honest - don't think it will ever get done). Oh well, we will at least have a house we like and then we'll start all over again- HA!
Our latest is outside and fencing. You can't really tell from the pic but let me asure you- It looks 100x better. We took down the chain link fence on the west side with help from our neighbor and took out some trees- Yeah! Jordan watched Lex play for a bit so as a treat we took them to McDonalds! Jord loved it and Lex really likes fries!

Then of course it was conference weekend and between seeing friends from Panama and mission buddies I had a great time. Jordan went up to President Boren and said, "Nice to meet you sir". Then of course, in front of Pres and Sis Williams, Jordan says,"Mom- I fart on your hand". Oh wow- what a little boy!

Of course there were many others I got to see at the reunion but I didn't know if it was ok to posts there pics. I'm pretty sure the people in the pics I did post won't mind.
Jordan is finally going peepee at least in the potty - He even went to the bathroom at Costco tonight. He cracks me up - he is always asking, "you hear it, mom?"
Lex took 3 steps - her first- on Saturday night(April 4) for Gregorio and Aneth. Of course the stinker hasn't repeated them.