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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wrapping it up?

Summer has always been a crazy time. Even when i didn't have kids and worked full time and went to school - I seriously don't remember a busier summer since the summer before my mission. So my last post updated til the end of July-

Here's August.....

Swim Lessons for Lexi and Jordan. My kids have always been fish, especially Jordan so naturally Jordan jumped right in and when we bought him goggles he thought he was invincible!! Lexi although hesitant did a great job!!!! Jordan advanced to Level 2 and is now looking forward to soccer.

Snowbird... ahhhh fresh mountain air - we spent the night up at snowbird and had a good time. Swimming, eating, arcade and eating... Did i Mention eating?

I finished watching kids for the summer and we have been busy non-stop since then. A trip to Logan for Uncle James' birthday. We spent the day at Logan Aquatic Center and showing G'ma Lisa what little fishes they were.

Trips to the park....

To the zoo...

And Jordan went back to school! He was so excited this morning he woke up early and made us leave early- so of course we had to wait. The funniest thing was when Jordan walked into school and breathed deeply and said, " Ahhh, It smells like school!"

I'm still pregnant and here is the 'bump'....Baby girl due January 2.

Cabin Time- It's really coming along. Our room has carpet and we finally got our bedding back up there and have slept there a couple of nights.

I know I am low on pics (sad- I know) but- I misplaced my camera and don't like to pull out my phone around water:) My goal is to do better with the pics!