It isn't about waiting out the storm it's learning to dance in the rain!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy, Busy!!

It has been so busy lately- okay Jordan has been busy entertaining me lately here are some pics of him... He cracks me up! And of course I had to include pics of the little girl. It still shocks me that she is so cute.

He choose this outfit- helmet and all! He took his bike around the block looking like this and then we joined Brandee and Landon at GHS for a walk, Yes, even in the stroller he had to have the helmet on.

He put his shirt on all by himself! Too bad he missed the arm holes and it looks like a tube top.

Lexi's 1st time going to church. She was so good!

Lexi's first cold and boy look at that snot! But even with all that - she is so cute.

They tell you not to let children put bags on their heads for a reason. I didn't think he'd be able to fit this bag over his head let alone try wearing it. He found me in distress - he couldn't take it off. I about died laughing at him.

Dad and Jordan at Temple Square - we actually had a family outing.

Too bad our kids didn't want to participate in our family outing.

We went to see our neighbors' band play. They Rocked!

Jordan taking drivers ed already he loves to have his 'turn'.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Who's the baby?

Well- Alexis is 1 mos old today and I have done so well in keeping you all updated. NOT. She is doing well and is adjusting to our family and vice versa.

Jordan on the other hand - as you can see is obsessed with the baby's stuff. I can not keep him out of her swing, the bouncer and I have even found him in her bassinett! He is crazy (He is definitely my son).

Casey is keeping really busy with the back lawn- Can we get it done before family is here in July? And Yeah!! we finally got the garden planted. I think I went overboard on the tomatoes - I bought 6 roma tomato plants. I hear you get a lot of tomato per plant. we shall see- Anyone need tomatoes?