It isn't about waiting out the storm it's learning to dance in the rain!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wrapping it up?

Summer has always been a crazy time. Even when i didn't have kids and worked full time and went to school - I seriously don't remember a busier summer since the summer before my mission. So my last post updated til the end of July-

Here's August.....

Swim Lessons for Lexi and Jordan. My kids have always been fish, especially Jordan so naturally Jordan jumped right in and when we bought him goggles he thought he was invincible!! Lexi although hesitant did a great job!!!! Jordan advanced to Level 2 and is now looking forward to soccer.

Snowbird... ahhhh fresh mountain air - we spent the night up at snowbird and had a good time. Swimming, eating, arcade and eating... Did i Mention eating?

I finished watching kids for the summer and we have been busy non-stop since then. A trip to Logan for Uncle James' birthday. We spent the day at Logan Aquatic Center and showing G'ma Lisa what little fishes they were.

Trips to the park....

To the zoo...

And Jordan went back to school! He was so excited this morning he woke up early and made us leave early- so of course we had to wait. The funniest thing was when Jordan walked into school and breathed deeply and said, " Ahhh, It smells like school!"

I'm still pregnant and here is the 'bump'....Baby girl due January 2.

Cabin Time- It's really coming along. Our room has carpet and we finally got our bedding back up there and have slept there a couple of nights.

I know I am low on pics (sad- I know) but- I misplaced my camera and don't like to pull out my phone around water:) My goal is to do better with the pics!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Fun

Haha- I wrote this in August and now it's September and much more has happened. But first the pics for this post. Maybe I can actually get on the ball now:)

Goodness me!! I can't believe all that has happened in the last couple months- it's a good thing that this blog isn't the newspaper! I can't keep up.

In May...

Happy Mother's Day to me.

Our baby girl turned 2- yes, that's right 2!! She recieved Gracie -her doll and loves her and loves taking care of her. Lexi is getting taller - too bad she isn't getting any wider too. She is talking up a storm and loves babies right now. She is the girliest of girls and loves princesses but will watch Transformers with her brother and refuses to have her hair done. She is a silly little girl who has her dad wrapped around her little finger.

Jordan ended his first 'year' of pre-school. He loved his teachers and they were wonderful for him. Here are a couple of pics with his teachers and the gifts we made for them.

We went up to the Condo in Midway to celebrate Lexi's and Kora's birthday - we had a good time and tried to relax for the most part.

In June...

Father's Day- Casey got a DVD from the kids, a primary gift that was sooo cute. And a jean quilt from all of us (too bad it still needs to be finished!)

Swimming, swimming, swimming. The kids love our lil pool and beg me to set it up often. And running through the sprinklers.

In July...

Hold on to your hats! We were super busy this month... We took a trip to California for a family reunion. Casey, Becca, Jordan, Alexis, James, Karen and Kora all drove to Coronado in one vehicle. We made lots of stops on the way there and fewer on the way back:) We spent a couple days in Coronado, for 4th of July parade and fireworks and then we traveled North to Temecula to stay with Aunt Ancy for a few days. While there Becca turned 30- yes sniff, sniff- 30! My present from Casey was an iPhone4 and my aunt Ancy bought me a 5lb bag of sour gummy worms! I'd love to say we went to the beach everyday but no such luck - the weather wasn't being friendly! We did go to the pool almost everyday and got quite the tan and Lexi decided to go golden blonde. We ended up stopping back in Las Vegas on the way home and wore ourselves and our kids walking to and from the 'strip' (some of the following pics are on the way to and the rest are on the way home from Cali).

Lexi gave up her bibi's (binkies) upon arrival at our home. She got a Build-a-bear dog for cutting them up and throwing them away. Two days later she refused to sleep in her crib - so she moved into a toddler bed. Only problem with that is - she can get out!!

Big News- Girl Fitts #2 is expected in January! Casey is still hoping i'll go in December 31. You may all think that he wants a tax break and that definetly wouldn't be a bad thing but more than anything he just wants a birthday buddy- hahaha!

Pineview came and went by very quickly, we didn't stay overnight but rather took up what we needed and had fun! G'ma Tess and G'pa Norm came up with us one day and we wore them out. The water was warm and the kids were like fish. Jordan hooked up with a cousin and ran a muck! The kids were not happy they had to go home!
Jordan, Lexi and I all participated in the Children's Parade on July 17th- as part of our Primary. The kids had fun although they did ask to go home before it had even started.

Nancy, Kevin, Mitchell and Jessica came and stayed with us before and after family camp. Mitchell and Jessica were great to help out with the kids and Nancy was a welcome adult conversationalist. We all headed up to Midway to see Nana and Deedee. We also celebrated the July Birthdays on July 25th after my brother, James, was set apart a member of the bishopric in his ward.

I hit up Cub Scout Day Camp for a day and also rushed to help one of our Webelos gain his Webelos badge and Arrow of Light- and WE MADE IT!!

Of course we can't forget that our lil man cub turns 4!! I can't even believe how fast time has gone. He is so smart and remembers so much! He is so excited to have another sister and he wants to take good care of her. He is a boy through and through and is still really big into Transformers.

Up ahead - I still have a few things i need to do around the house, paint the coffee table and some side tables, finish a jean quilt, and plenty more- trust me i won't get bored;)