It isn't about waiting out the storm it's learning to dance in the rain!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monkeyin' around!

I have the best of intentions to update my blog and for some reason it does not get done! Last week with the wonderful weather I had lots of excuses because we went to the park almost every day and then had family stay with us over the weekend. The weekend before that we went up to Logan and hung out with my family. Our business is never ending and then of course winter is revisiting us and with spring went our health. My poor little girl has an ear infection- wow! I'm glad to report that it is the first out of my 2 children.
But here is an update of our activities (some caught on camera and some were not). I have made a goal to be more diligent in remembering my camera.
Let's go Fly a Kite...
Casey bought Jordan a kite and he thinks it is great (it's a shark). We went to a nearby school and decided to try it out. Of course, Jordan decided it was better to play on the toys and Casey (the kid that he is) flew the kite. It got some good height.

Fat Cats!
We took the kids to Fat Cats to eat pizza and play a little. Lex and I mainly ate because there were no games for her. But we had fun and Jordan had a blast!

Driving, driving, driving...
We went to Logan and hung out with my Dad, Karen, Melinda, and Kora. We had fun and ate some good food. My mom was in Tennessee (we missed ya).
Park time...
Nice weather week and St Patty's day... Park, jogging, we got to see Grandma Lisa, and James and Karen came down. We also got to go to Tooele for Kambry's blessing.

Lex and Jordan play so cute!! Lex is still standing up by herself no movement and just folded her arms for the first time today after Jordan folded his for prayer. And Jordan is now in the stage of asking why, why, why???

Grandma Susan gave us a cupcake and I set it across from Lex in the wagon- as you can see she got the cupcake and dug right in.

Don't ask what Jordan is doing... he has a screwdriver and an apple. He told me he was fixing it.

Jordan asked for his potty and then sat down on it and read while he went #2 in the toilet- yeah Jordan!!

Lex gives me this look often. I don't know what it means but boy is she cute!

Bath time done now ready for the boxing ring. Lightweight division champion!
House Business....
Casey finished our basement bathroom and our glass tile backsplash, it looks fabulous!! Thanks darlin'! He is still working hard on our basement when he can.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh my!!

I just noticed that my last blog was a month ago- that is right- 1 month!! I have no idea where that month went...

We have had lots of fun of course and my kids are growing up sooo fast I can't even believe it!

Things we have done this last month...

Went to the zoo, went to the park several times, played outside and with friends, stayed out at my sisters house, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, did the laundry, ate, napped, changed a thousand diapers (maybe more) and all those fun things. Here are some pics from the last month.

Jordan being a big boy and riding the carousel all by himself (he only ever sits on the bench:)

This was our Valentine's Outing with the kids. We went to Ikea and Jordan had to rest!

This was a V-day pic of my 2 cute kids.

Lexi found a chocolate and got it on her face and the couch, messy girl, she does love chocolate. (No idea where she gets that from)

She really does well walking with assistance but by herself she drops to the floor.

Jordan loves to play computer games.

Fireman sam to the rescue.

Playing with his tracks, Jordan loves trains.

Lexi's first taste of chocolate pudding (an FHE treat)

Playground at the zoo

Jord and Lex chilling in the chair from Mitchell and Jessica- Thanks Aunt Ancy!

Jordan, Tait, and Brycen having a Ball!

Finally catching up to her cousin Kora and playing with her tongue.

On her bike- Lex rolling along. Thanks Steph for the bike.

Jordan loves TV right now, (I turn it off to play with him and he throws a fit until I give in and turn it back on) Diego, Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba. He also really likes Momma Mia and likes to sing the songs every now and then. Jordan is also learning all sorts of words now and is putting them into sentences. He sure does crack me up, lately he has done the following. His favorite word right now is Why! He calls me a Big Mommy (casey says it is meant as a compliment- I sure hope so). We were at Albertsons the other day and of course my highly opinionated son had to have the car cart so he is driving in it and I stop to pick up an item and he turns to me and says, " What's the matter darlin?" He did this every time I stopped for an item then he stood up and when I told him to sit down because I was going to go, well, he didn't do it fast enough cuz i went and he fell. I am laughing because you should have seen his face! Bewilderment! Needless to say he stayed in the car part of it for the rest of the time. He also tells me to go away, he's mad at me, he's grumpy or he is a happy guy. He also told me I was his girl the other day. Most often though he looks at me with those beautiful chocolate brown eyes and says, " I love you, mom." He is so good to his sister although he loves to hug her like he hugs his daddy (his squeezy hug) Lex doesn't like that.

Speaking of my beautiful baby girl- she will be 10 months old next Monday. She is still a mama's girl. She can give you a smile that melts your heart and a cry that makes you cringe. She was doing so well during the night but she wakes up a least once during the night- sickness, teeth, who knows. Anyway she likes swinging at the park and sliding with mom. She loves food but food she can feed to herself. I really don't know where she gets her independency from! haha. Although, she is a contradiction within herself. She doesn't like holding her bottle, she wants you to feed it to her and hold her. She is still cruising furniture, I really thought that she would walk by 10 months but definitely not by herself. She loves her princess sippy cups but then again so does Jordan. She loves outside and wagon rides and the zoo. She also likes to sing and say mamammamamamama and hum, she just started playing with her tongue.

Casey is still plugging away at the basement, he has the shower tile up and the paint in the bathroom done. The texture on the walls look great. We are still aiming for May and I do my part by keeping the kids out of the basement.